That the refurbished surface of a tablet may replace the laptop screen is a heresy on the web circles. The benefit of owning a tablet is that they are portable and affordable, and have the features similar to a laptop. In fact, even the new branded tablets’ screen size begins on 7.7 inches and ranges up to 11 inches or so. Take for instance the iPad Air, which is a 9.7-inch device, whereas the iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch screen size.

Benefits of Owning iPad Tablets

Since iPads are smaller in size, they can be ported from one place to the other easily than a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. iPads are lightweight, portable devices that help the user to stream content, watch movies, or do a PowerPoint presentation on the go. Although not as rich as the Google Play Store, the Apple iStore has close to 2 million apps in store including lots of free apps. The plus points of an iPad include:

  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Convenience Usage
  • Syncs with an iPhone, iMac, or macOS

It is being said that the main downfall of an iPad is the time taken to load the Flash-heavy web pages. That is why browsing on the Android might seem more seamless than on the iPad tablets.

Android Tablets vs. Apple Gadgets

The Macbook Air offers an alternative to an iPad if you consider the 11 inches screen size of the laptop-lookalike device. The Macbook Air also handles multitasking and is compatible with thumb drives and HDMI cable. In fact, the new iPad is expensive than the Android tablets driven by the stock Google Android OS.

When you plan to buy or rent refurbished gadgets, ensure portability, durability, and affordability. Compared to new Android tablets, the refurbished ones bag all the steal deals on online web stores. Refurbished tablets are compact, lightweight devices, and offer tons of features even to a second time user. The faulty components might be replaced by a skillful technician in refurbished tablets. If you have returned or had owned a particular Android model, you can fulfill your needs with a refurbished tablet purchase.

iPad is a user-friendly device, and has the apps that stream music and media. The refurbished Android tablets, on the other hand, have the relative price advantage.

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