To make full use of the default calendar app, you need to schedule events so that you can get timely notifications. Most people add to-do things, future appointments and meetings, arriving birthdays, and other noted calendar events on Android.

To do so, first enable the cellular data on your Android tablet and open the Calendar app on the device. Then tap on the three horizontal lines to the top-left corner of the app, and tap on Day to get a time-wise view of the given day you are operating the tablet. Choose any given time on the Calendar app, say 09:00 am, and then tap on the Add New Event icon.

In the menu that appears subsequently, fill in the required information regarding the event you are planning to attend. If the event down the road is a birthday, you can simply turn on the toggle switch for All-Day and enter other relevant info regarding the event. If you are planning to attend a meeting, you may need to leave alone the All-Day toggle on the Calendar app.

Just below the All-Day toggle, you could see the given Time icon, and left to the icon, you could the Date also. Tap on Time to set time from within the app and set the Date to schedule the event. If you enable All-Day toggle, both would be grayed out, so disable All-Day first to move ahead as said.

Other Information

In the Event Name, you can fill the name of the event venue or maybe the person you want to meet. The Location would let you schedule the place to the Google Maps – tap on it, search the location, and tap on the location retrieved.

You can tap on the Repeat menu to set up a repeat schedule of the event. If your meeting occurs on The Same Day Each Month, choose the day within the new window on the Calendar app. Else, you can choose Repeat Weekly.

Another option to set up is Reminder, which would notify you as per the event scheduled. You can set a Reminder in the Calendar app for a given Day, Hours before, or Weeks before. Moreover, enter precisely when you want to be notified and how – as a standard notification, via email, or both on your Android tablet.

Tap on Done button once you are done with filling all the information and you can see the respective event appear on the Calendar app.

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