If you are new to using the Google Chrome in Android, you need to let your device sync into your Google account so that the browser can sync your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, and other settings. Open the Settings app on an Android tablet, tap on Accounts, and then tap on the overflow button to explore more options. Check to see if the checkbox next to the Auto-Sync Data option is marked by default; if not, check it manually.

When you stay signed into your personal Google account in Google Chrome, the browser will synchronize browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, and other settings by default. Try browsing in Google Chrome in the PC and the same entry will appear the next time you browse on your Android tablet, as Google Chrome syncs virtually in real time.

In fact, you can change what to sync in Google Chrome and thereby make your sensitive data more secure across devices. For that, launch the Google Chrome app on your Android tablet, tap on the overflow button, and tap on Settings. You may need to sign in to Google Chrome by keying in your account name if you have logged out from Gmail.

Tap on Sync once you sign into Gmail and tap on Sync Everything On to sync all data. Else, you can customize the synchronization in Google Chrome by tapping on Sync Everything Off and by selecting the checkboxes that you want to sync, such as passwords, browsing history, and so on.

As most of us use Chrome for e-mailing and browsing purposes in our Android devices and even the PC, the browser will have a wealth of information saved by default. However, by altering the Settings in Google Chrome Sync you can control the browsing information stored.

To safeguard your passwords, browsing history, and other data in Google Chrome, tap on Encryption. There, the browser will also let you choose the information you can sync as per preferences. If you choose Encrypt Passwords With Google Credentials, Google will secure all the synced passwords with your Google sign-in information on Android.

If you choose Encrypt All Synced Data With Your Own Sync Passphrase, you can sync passwords and other browser data kept secure by a passphrase, which you use to sign into your Google Chrome account.

In addition, you can also open Chrome in a refurbished tablet tap on the overflow button and choose New Incognito Window if you want to browse in a public Wi-Fi network. Note that incognito browsing in Chrome won’t save browsing history, downloads, and so on, but its open to online snoops.

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