Traveling with Android tablets is a great way to relieve boredom. Besides, it can also act as a valuable tool during your travels that helps you to obtain information regarding a place, book rooms and hotels, check flight schedules, and do a lot more. There are specialized apps for all the said purposes, many of which you can download free from the Play Store.

Travel apps can free you from the task of searching for each aspect of your travel by giving you all of them on one platform. Thus, you will be able to know about a place, and book flights, trains, or hotels, as well as find nearby restaurants easily. Installing such apps on your cheap Android tablets will surely make your travel easier and well planned. Below are the five best travel apps to install on your Android tablet.


Kayak is a reliable travel app that you can install on your tablet. With this app, you can book flights, hotels and rent cars while traveling in a region. The explore option in this app allows you to carry out a detailed check out about the place you wish to travel. Kayak also provides you with the latest prices, deals, and forecasts that lets you book these services for the best price.

Google Trips

Google Trips is a new entry into travel apps and comes with a whole lot of features. With this app, you can plan for an entire trip while also carrying out reservations and organizing. Google Trips offers you a list of all the nearby attractions. Besides, this app can also work offline, which makes it one of the must-have apps during travel. is a highly rated travel app that provides you with lots of information regarding hotels and other accommodation facilities across the world. You can use this app to easily book a hotel of your choice in your preferred destination. By using this app, you can also check out the local attractions nearby as well as landmarks and Wi-Fi hotspots.


If you travel frequently by road, then it is necessary that you install the GasBuddy app on your tablet. This app can help you spot all the gas stations near you, which is a great aide when on the way to a distant place. What’s more, it is a crowd-sourced app, and you can report any of the inaccuracies in the price of gas, which will be conveyed to others as well.

Travel Money

Travel Money is yet another top app to install on your tablet. With this app, you can easily plan the financial spending of your travels. The receipts and purchases made can be saved in the app, which will help you know how much you have spent on the trip. With Travel Money, you can monitor your spending and even save a few dollars.

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